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“I think I’m going to write a book,” I said to a friend several years ago.

“Are you sure you mean you?” they shot back instantly without any consideration.

That brief exchange is imprinted like a photograph in my memory. It hasn’t faded one bit with time. I’ll admit, when it happened my goal was still a lofty notion. I hadn’t yet set out to write nor did I know how I could make it happen. Regardless, my friend’s words stung.

I could have held on to those words as a seed of doubt. I could have watered it with my own insecurity. If I had, I would never have begun writing and A Search for Purple Cows wouldn’t be a book!

As I thought about what I wanted to share in my first blog for the New Year, I wanted to share that awkward exchange from all those years ago.

“Are you sure you mean you? Could have been the doubt that shattered a dream.

It could have been the seed of insecurity that deterred me from success.

Doubt doesn’t show up like a roaring lion to pull us away from our goals, often instead it shows up as an insincere word, an unwelcome comment, or just a look from a family member or a friend. They may say it bluntly or they may convey it without a single word. Still their message is clear – “are you sure you mean you?”

As you look to the year ahead, there are a few ways you can disarm discouragement:

1.     Keep your eyes focused on your goals.  – Write down your goals. Share them with supportive friends or family who will encourage you.

2.     Schedule progress – Block off time each week to make progress towards your goals.

3.     Watch out for doubt. – Watch out for negativity from others or your own internal negative self-talk. Replace it with positive, encouraging messages.

4.     Pray for direction and wisdom.

5.     Never adjust your steps because of doubt but rather because of wisdom.

When you stay focused and take one step of progress after another, who knows what you may accomplish!

If you’re going to doubt something, doubt your limits.” Greg Anderson

What are your goals for the New Year? How have you handled doubt in the past? I’d love to hear from you!