I’m not usually one to eavesdrop but…this conversation couldn’t be missed. I didn’t initially notice the two pilots sitting near me at the gate waiting for a recent flight. The beginning of their conversation hadn’t caught my attention but soon their chatter was hard to ignore. One of the pilot’s voice grew in volume and excitement as he began to tell the other pilot about a recent experience. Apparently, he was flying during the recent super blood wolf moon. His words painted spectacular imagery of the sky aglow, illuminating the night sky from his front row seat in his plane’s cockpit, complete with the moon full and red. The seasoned pilots enthusiastically continued their conversation until it was time for our flight.

As I boarded the plane, I appreciated the enthusiasm of the pilot. His shared story surprised me with three valuable reminders for every day life:

1. Embrace the wonder.

For the excited pilot, it was just “another day at the office” when he experienced the super blood wolf moon. He could have been so focused on their late departure, the patch of turbulence they encountered, or maybe even a disagreement he had with his wife when wonder unfolded before him. No matter what was going on in his life that day, he slowed down to smell the roses. While we likely won’t have the opportunity to see what he saw that night, there are still plenty of opportunities in our everyday life to appreciate what’s around us. From the beautifully painted sky at sun rise or sun set to the soothing sound of a steady rain, the laugh of a young child, or the warm smile of someone we care about, we don’t have to look far to see magic around us. Embrace opportunities for wonder in your daily life. We never know if or when we’ll be able to experience what today has to offer again.

2. Share your excitement with others.

These days you don’t have to look far to find negativity. It’s in our social media feeds, in the news, and just about any direction you turn. When you encounter “wonder”, a smile, or a laugh, share it. Joy is absolutely contagious! Sitting at the gate, the pilot couldn’t help but speak loud enough for others to hear. His words oozed with the thrill of having witnessed something amazing. As he shared, his energy and awe impacted anyone lucky enough to hear him. It provided a powerful reminder to not just  just show up each day when we can instead show up looking for the good, the unique, and the memorable moments, and then share about it with others. Hope and joy shared is multiplied.

3. Remember the opportunities you get.

Life is full of once in a life time moments woven together in the fabric of daily life.  We can get so focused on our routines that special memories become like photographs tucked away in an album and are all but forgotten. When life challenges us, It’s too easy to focus on our troubles.  Instead, let the moments that make you smile be glitter sprinkled on your life – easy to see and hard to get rid of. Don’t live in the past but let those moments give you joy for the journey today and in the future. The great thing about a happy memory is it never wears out! Remember the good, the special, and the wonder you encounter.

It’s your turn.

Wherever you are today, look for the wonder and share it. Slow down and enjoy the sunset. Go for a walk and watch the clouds. Or, look at the beautiful and unique crystals in a snowflake. Or, sit down on the floor and play with a young child. Enjoy a laugh with someone you love. Wonder can look as unique as today is… let your heart be open to see it.

When you find it, be sure to share what you found and experience with others. Call a friend, text a family member, post it on your social media, or comment below and share it here. When you do, you’ll help others remember how to find the joy and wonder in their daily lives too.

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Until next time friends, be blessed!