Have you ever noticed how we can’t wait for Friday, can’t wait until summer, or can’t wait until Christmas? We’re challenged when we have to wait for a loved one to return home or to visit. Or find ourselves being inpatient anxious waiters when we’re waiting for a tough situation to be resolved or waiting for our luck to change.

I’m guessing I’m not alone nor going out on a limb by saying waiting is hard!

Inspiration while waiting.

Some time ago I got together with a friend who was right in the middle of a season waiting for a dream opportunity. Despite the position all but being handed to her, one piece hadn’t Some fallen into place – the time. She’d been told she’d already “made the team” but, the timing was “not yet.” As she described how difficult it was for her dream to be realized, I thought of an analogy that helped us both shift our perspectives on waiting.

I explained that athletes typically make the Olympic team long before their big match or game. They know they’ve made the team but still it’s not time yet. During that wait, they wait by eating right, training hard, and pursing the lifestyle and habits of an Olympic athlete.

I challenged my friend, “What can you be using this time for?” How could she train, learn, grow, and be more prepared so that when it is her time she is “Olympic- athlete” ready. Sure she’s already “made the team” but what she chose to do with her wait time could make all the difference when it is time.

As I spoke, I realized the very words I was sharing with her apply to many aspects of life, including our faith life. If you’re a believer, you’ve already made the team. If you’re still working to identify your purpose or waiting for a door of opportunity to open, you may thought you were in a season of wait, but likely you’re in a season of training. It’s your season to prepare, to grow, so that you will be ready, the best you can be when it’s your time.

Four Things you can do in “the wait”:

1. Shift your attitude

We often feel powerless in the wait. It’s so easy to focus on the one things we can’t change – especially timing. But, what if we looked at time as a gift? Time to train, develop, and grow into a better stronger you. And perhaps this time could be cherished gift that allows you to do things that will be harder to do when your next opportunity is in full swing. Look at your wait and ask how the time could be a gift and use it to your advantage.

2. Develop your skills

What skill will help you when the wait is over? If for example you’re waiting for a publisher to sign your book idea, use the wait to hone your writing skills or edit your writing. If your wait is for a new job, what might help you when you start? Find a podcast, TED talk, or online webinar and choose a growth mindset. Use the wait time as a valuable gift to further develop your skills.

3. Find company to “share” your wait

Find a friend, coach, mentor, or support group who will help you stay on track during the “wait.” Is there someone who has successfully navigated the road you hope to travel? What can you learn from them? Or perhaps you have a friend who can share the gift of transparency with you. Together you can encourage each other during your season of wait.

4. Reassess why you are waiting

Are you waiting because you need to wait because of an external timing? Or have you prayed and are clear that the time is “not yet?” Or perhaps have you opted to stay in this season out of comfort, doubt or fear? Sometimes we get so comfortable waiting that we shift into neutral rather than digging deep, grabbing hold of our faith and courage and stepping forward when we know we should. Be willing to answer your why you’re waiting completely truthfully. If fear is holding you back, take time to identify the one next step you can take. Write it down and schedule it. Don’t stay in a season of wait unnecessarily. Life is too short!

It’s your turn:

What season are you in at the moment? Are you in a season of wait or possibly a season of training? Maybe you can be encouraged to look at your situation like an athlete waiting for their big game, choosing to use your time and opportunities to grow stronger so that you’re ready when the next door opens. Or, maybe this has been the wake-up call you’ve needed and you realize you’ve been waiting but it’s time to go and do. If so, shift your mindset and press on!

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Until next time friends, be blessed!