Who are you rooting for? But before I could answer, one of my kids replied “She’s rooting for the underdog.” They know me well! Truth is, if “my” team isn’t playing, I’m known to root for the underdog. There’s something about the nail-biter come-from-behind unexpected victory of an underdog that I love. I’ve realized I’m not alone, and with good reason. There are several good reasons we like to cheer for them.

3 reasons we root for underdogs:

Underdogs are overcomers.

People may count an underdog out, but they haven’t counted themselves out. Instead they show up with determination and grit. Despite the odds, they press on. The vanishing time on the game clock isn’t a deterrent but rather a motivator. An underdog understands that time isn’t endless and the next step, not matter how small, is significant. Injuries, challenging conditions, or a score that seemed out of control since the beginning don’t cause them to give up.  Instead with tenacity, they stay in it until the final play  often with a buzzer-beater surprise ending that no one saw coming.

Underdog victories are sweet.

Underdog victories inspire and live on. Their stories yield almost to a folk-lore status and are passed on for years. One example that comes to mind is the 1980 Olympic gold medal ice hockey win. Although I’m not a huge ice hockey fan, I still remember that amazing game. The team’s story of triumph united a nation and inspired all who watched. There’s something both magical and captivating when insurmountable odds are shattered revealing a champion where no one expected one.

We can relate to the underdog.

Stories of the unexpected, often dramatic victories of an underdog give us hope. We’ve all had our share of feeling like the deck is stacked against us and the odds are definitely not in our favor. We long for the proverbial hail-Mary pass in the 4th quarter to propel our life-journeys far down the field towards our dreamed success. Yet some days it feels like we’re going backwards or maybe even sitting on the side lines. But, dear friend, the only way underdogs can be victorious is to stay in the game. If you feel like life has been mostly uphill, keep going. Don’t count yourself out but instead be determined to find sweet victory in your underdog story. Dig deep and tap into your tenacity, determination, and grit. If it’s still hard, keep going, your story isn’t over yet!

It’s your turn

Underdog victories leave us hopeful. The stories of overcomers gives us a feeling that we too can face another day despite our challenges If you’re in a season of struggle, keep going! You’ve got this. And, if others have counted you out, it’s time to be an underdog and prove them wrong. Just because someone else doesn’t see your potential or you’ve made mistakes does not mean the game is over!

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