Caution, transformation ahead.

Have you ever been surprised by a disappointment that unexpectedly provided you with encouragement? That happened to me just this week. I took my mom on a short adventure  to the coast looking to make the most of her short visit to New England. We looked forward to breathing in the salty sea air and taking in the beautiful scenery. But when we rounded the last bend, the lighthouse we’d traveled to see was shrouded in scaffolding, distorting the scene we anticipated. Rather than a picture perfect post card image, we found a powerful lesson in transformation.

5 Secrets of Successful Transformation:

1. Structure is needed for transformation.

The professional lighthouse restorers began their work by first encasing the entire structure with scaffolding and netting providing necessary support and protection. It’s a powerful visual for life when we seek a transformation. In the areas we need to grow or change, how much more effective might we be if we took the same approach. Rather than grappling where to start, we can choose to make our first step setting up a supportive environment. It would give us the needed  structure to help us grow, change, and transform our lives.

2. Appearances can be deceiving.

From those viewing the lighthouse from a distance, it looked a bit of a mess. The true beauty of the old building was obscured from view. Additionally, the netting blocked visibility to the transformation that was in progress. In our lives we can actively be working to change and grow but there may be a season where the changes aren’t yet visible to those around us. We need to continue our internal work, adapting and addressing issues even when others can’t yet see the changes.

3. It’s possible to be used as a work in progress.

As we sat near the light house I couldn’t help but notice the steady rhythm of the dull fog horn and the slow pulse of the light visible above the scaffolding. Even though the old building was in the midst of transformative change, it was still being used effectively right where it was. In life, it is no different. When we go through a season of change or personal growth, we often wish we were further along in our journey than we are. During seasons like that, it’s easy to question the impact that we have today. But, just as the lighthouse was still making a difference, we have the ability to make an impact everyday right where we are despite being “in process” of becoming better versions of ourselves.

4. Change is a process.

Restoring the nearly 140 year old lighthouse began in spring and will continue well into the fall. Additionally, it will require two phases to complete all of the necessary changes. While we can more easily accept the process and steps necessary to restore a building, we need to accept and allow the process of change that’s necessary to transform us. It can be frustrating when the pace of our growth isn’t as fast as we’d like. Still, we need to give ourselves some grace and realize change is a process. It takes time. Be persistent and don’t give up. Some transformations may take a few phases. That’s ok. Continue to take the next step and move forward. Your continued effort will pay off!

5. There’s always something to appreciate.

When we first caught a glimpse of the lighthouse, we could have thrown up our hands and said our trip was a waste. But we didn’t. Instead we meandered over to a nearby bench and sat down to soak in the beauty of the coast  It wasn’t exactly like we expected, but we thoroughly enjoyed the day anyway. In life, we need to do the same. There may be an area that is under repair, refuse to let it rob the joy from the other aspects of your life. Enjoy each day anyway. We don’t need to wait for things in our lives to be pristine to find the good.

It’s your turn.

While it would have been nice to have the beautifully restored lighthouse in our pictures, I’m thankful for the imagery it gave me instead. As I navigate a few areas of personal growth in my life, I’ll hold on to the surprising encouragement from our trip.

Are you in the middle of a restoration too? Is there an area of your life where you’re trying to change or grow that isn’t neat and tidy? If so, I hope my lighthouse encounter has given you fresh hope. Each week l enjoy finding encouragement in everyday situations. If you could use a reminder to smile and find the good, why not click to join my email list. I I’ll let you know when new encouraging posts are ready.

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