I think I have something that might just be contagious! This past week I was bit by the KonMari bug. Have you heard of it? It’s not new, but it is new to me.  With the bitter cold temperatures outside, I recently watched a few episodes of Netflix’s series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

What I didn’t expect was the impact it would have on both me and my home. And, even more surprising is the lessons it gave me also apply to our approach to our life’s problems as well as our faith.

Four Valuable Lessons from Tidying Up

1. Adopt the perspective of “possible.”

I’ll be honest, for quite a long time, I’ve felt defeated by all of the stuff we’ve acquired over the years. Sure I’ve made progress over the past year, but despite any attempts I’ve made to organize or clean out my drawers and closet were still over stuffed. Deep down I think I doubted I could permanently tame it all. Needless to say I was surprised by the host’s reaction when she entered a new client’s home and caught first glimpse of an over-plump drawer or out of control room. She seemed giddy with excitement. Seeing the transformation by the end of the episode brought understanding to her initial response. When she sees a mess, she sees “possible” and “potential.”

What if in life, we took the same approach to our troubles? What if when life feels like one big mess we’d allow ourselves to see our situation through God’s eyes and saw “possible” and “potential” instead? Our messes should be reminders of His promises, His faithfulness and as such we can face our challenges with confidence knowing He sees the future of our situation and it’s already in order. He speaks about our current battles in the past tense and our victories as already won. With that, we have a license to be giddy when life hands us a mess.

2. We’re not the only ones who struggle.

There’s comfort in knowing it’s not just us. We’re not the only ones with a junk drawer or the only ones who have done mad-dash-last minute tidying before a guest arrives. We’re also not the only ones with issues in our family, challenges with a friend, or a path that seems anything but straight. The things we think no one else has dealt with, just means we haven’t mentioned “it” to the right person yet. The families in the episodes I watched were dealing with a variety of challenges from struggling to balance work and life with busy toddlers at home, loss of a loved one, facing a new chapter of life, and wanting family to feel welcomed… all on a show about organizing.

The participants willingness to be vulnerable and transparent allowed there situations to be used to teach and inform. I’ve been able to take steps forward based on what I learned through them. We can do the same with our lives. When we allow ourselves to be transparent through our struggles, we can encourage others who are following on a similar path. And, we don’t always realize who is watching or who we’ve encouraged.

3. Letting go lightens our load.

I’ve already filled four bags to take to Good Will and wow, my closet is lighter. My room feels lighter. In fact, I think my house feels lighter. It’s amazing how letting go of things that I no longer needed made my world lighter.

The same is true in our lives. We hold on to things or stuff them. We bury things deep in our minds and spirits. Almost like a box tucked in our closet or garage, we hold on to wrongs or hurts. But just like the clothes at the back of my closet that no longer sparked joy for me, the things in our boxes in our minds no longer serve us either. Empty out those “boxes” and get rid of them once and for all. Letting go lightens our step and our load.

4. Sharing is caring.

Share what you learn. In the episodes that I watched, the participants shared what they learned with their children or other family members. Since I’ve started this new attempt at tidying, I love being able to see everything in my closet and drawers and welcome the new order. I’ve been so impacted by the benefits already that I’ve shared what I’ve learned with co-workers and now I’m sharing it with you. Hope is contagious.

But there’s an even greater hope to share. What benefit would it be if we only shared tips such as tidying tips and we didn’t share the hope we’ve found through our faith? We need to remember that sharing is caring. The world needs more hope and more encouragement. I couldn’t keep quiet about a show that’s changed my closet so you have to know I’m even more compelled to share the hope I have through my faith. Faith doesn’t mean life will be easy but it means I don’t face my challenges alone. Find ways to encourage the people around you. Let them see the hope you have. And just like you can’t wait to share about a new recipe, show, or skill, be willing to encourage others with your faith too.

It’s your turn

I can appreciate the grateful spirit Marie Kondo demonstrates in her show. She has a cheerful spirit and a grateful heart. I also choose to be thankful for the things I have been blessed with but choose to thank God for the blessings he’s given me instead of the item itself. Despite the difference in where we give thanks, I’ve been remarkably inspired by her years of experience with organizing.

Have you watched Tidying Up too? Or, have you ever felt inspired or renewed by organizing? What’s one tip you’ve had that’s made lightening your load easier? And, if it’s impacted other areas of your life unexpectedly, I’d love to hear about it. Click to join the conversation.

Until next time friend, be blessed!

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