This week I had a rather unlikely place for an “aha moment”… the cafeteria at work, the stir fry station to be exact.

The chicken and broccoli had become a favorite given my new food intolerances. Making conversation with the cafeteria worker, I mentioned that as much as I loved their sauces I could no longer eat them.

She responded asking if I was aware that the chicken was marinated in several seasonings including soy sauce, something I can’t eat. Suddenly I realized the healthy seemingly “safe” dish, one that I had eaten recently was actually toxic to me. I’d been struggling with a health issue and the doctor very recently was considering a very strong medication to help me when all along I’ve been eating one of the very things I needed to avoid. No wonder I’ve been getting worse not better!
That’s when it hit me.

Just like that chicken, we’re changed by what we marinate in.

We may look fine on the outside, but what do we soak our hearts and minds in?

We may be tempted to hold on to hurts, grudges, and anger that poisons our hearts with bitterness. We can get stuck basting in thoughts of inadequacy, comparison, or past failures forgetting that God made us exactly who we are. Or perhaps we replay judgment or criticism allowing negative voices to drown out His encouragement or His word.

Isn’t it far better to marinate in gratefulness, kindness and compassion causing our hearts to become increasingly tender? If we choose our marinade well, our lives become richer. The choice is ours.

Its powerful imagery and an important question…

What are you marinating in? Is it making you tender or toxic?

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