Make This Week a Better Week

Just like that, it’s a new week! Don’t be tempted to crawl back under the covers with the colder weather and dreary news reports. Although it would be easy to justify that posture, we can take steps to make this a better week. And, while we can’t wave a wand instantly make everything around us better, we do have the power to choose our attitude and have a positive impact on the world around us. Want to make this week a better one? Check out this list of what you can do:

A few things you can do this week:

1. Check your playlist.

Who and what are you listening to? Are the words and messages encouraging and uplifting, or have you been caught with a negative playlist? Words speak life or death. Guard what you listen to and equally what you repeat to yourself. Over time, negativity is toxic. It’s important to be aware of the world around you but, carefully choose what you allow yourself to marinate in. Choose to search out encouraging messages that will inspire, motivate you to make a difference, and promote personal growth. Why not consider searching for good news or uplifting stories and share those on your social media accounts this week? I’ve included a few at the end of this post to get you started.

2. Remember and share your past victories.

Improve your outlook by remembering how you’ve overcome challenges in the past. Also remember and list or journal answers to your prayers. Allow those stories to inspire you when faced with new situations.  Share those victories with others. Your past success might be just what they need to get through today. There’s power in our stories!

3. Try something new.

Add some adventure to your week by trying something new. It can be simple or big – it’s up to you. A few ideas… If fall flavors are your thing, try a pumpkin-spiced something from your favorite coffee shop. Make a new recipe from Pinterest. (I’ve got lots of great ideas on a few of my boards.) Take a class, paint a picture, and try a new restaurant…. But find something new and different to try. It will broaden your horizons. Who knows, you might just find a new favorite thing.

4. Stop that (bad) habit.

Say “no” to self-sabotaging. You deserve better! Get rid of the brownies, pack your lunch, toss the wine, delete the phone number… whatever “it” is for you, get rid of it. If there’s something you’ve been letting hold on to you and hold you back, this is the week to say “NO MORE!” Choose to be free this week! You’ll be glad you did.

5. Be the good.

Pay it forward or do a random act of kindness. No matter how big or small the impact, choose to be the good. Whether it’s paying for someone else’s order at the drive through, bringing a coworker their favorite drink, or  taking dinner to a family whose struggling, you don’t have to look far to find ways to encourage those around you. Choose to share encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting posts in your social media. (Feel free to repost from my instagram. I post encouraging images there each day.) Imagine the impact if we all do that! Find a way to brighten someone’s day and you’ll be amazed how it can put a skip into your own step too.

It’s your turn:

Don’t let the colder weather or the negativity of the news rob you of this week’s potential or your positive outlook. Choose to make this a great week!

Which of these 5 will you try this week? Or, do you have other ideas you can share to make it a better week? I’d love to hear from you. Please click to join the conversation.

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Until next time friend, be blessed!

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