Something went bump in the night.

I’ve never heard my car make that sound before. Was it coming from the vent? I turned down the radio hoping to find the source. No such luck. All I knew is It was dark and I was tired. And, I wanted to get home. The whole way home, the noise taunted me – even if it didn’t seem ominous enough to stop.

But, as soon as I was home, the sound stopped.

Time to investigate.

.My son offered to take a look. He reversed my car down the drive way and drove back up. He heard it too. Perplex he began to investigate. But, it didn’t take him long.

I fixed it Mom.

What was it?

You don’t want to know.

Yes I do… so that if it happens again.

It won’t happen again.

What if it does?

He motioned for me to join him next to the door. Without saying word, he looked down. I followed the line of his vision and my eyes stopped where his did. There in the dark, barely visible was my phone charger cord, stretched along the floor and dangling out of the door. You guessed it, I drove home to the sound of my charger cord tapping against my door, letting me know it was there – on the outside.

What my embarrassing oops taught me about faith…

The next morning my analytical mind saw symbolism in the cord. It reminded me a bit like how we can treat our faith and our time with God when we’re stressed out, busy, and weary.When life is busy and stressful, we need to be careful we don’t push God to the outside. He’s the source of the power that will recharge our batteries, sustain us, and restore us. He equips us to reach our full potential. And, if we’re not plugged in, we will run out. If we want to go father and grow deeper, we need to find ways to be plugged in to our faith.

God’s whispers are often subtle, much like the gentle tapping of my cord against my car door. When we’re weary, do we turn down the distractions of the world to notice God’s presence? Or, do we push full steam ahead and leave His power on the outside of our situation? It’s often only when we put ourselves in park that we can truly reconnect.

It’s your turn

Where are you tonight? Do you need to slow down, put yourself in park and listen? Have you ever found just the reminder you needed tucked right in the middle of a mistake you made? Click to join the conversation. I’d love to hear from you. And, you can be sure I’ll never look at my charger cord quite the same way.

Until next time, be blessed!