An unexpected lesson in personal growth

I recently stumbled upon a new TV show and became instantly intrigued. The show is Songland. Have you heard of it?

Four song writers were invited to perform an original work for three music producers and John Legend. The show began with each artist singing their song. As soon as each performed, the professionals offered insight, suggested changes, and even played variations on a keyboard or guitar to bring life to their feedback. It was quite inspirational to say the least! After their initial performance and collaboration time was done, three were selected to continue to the next stage.

Each of the remaining artists was paired with a music producer to collaborate in greater detail. Later the song writers performed a more developed version of their original song. Ultimately one was named the winner which meant there song was selected to be recorded by John Legend. The upbeat positive show not only entertained me but illustrated five things we can all do to increase our personal growth.

Be willing to be vulnerable.

Taking a chance to “put ourselves out there” in an area that we’re looking to develop can feel very risky. Fear can paralyze us before we take the first step or utter the first word. But if we want feedback that is necessary for growth, we need to be willing to be vulnerable. For the contestants, the risk paid off. Their talents were showcased and for one lucky artist, their song was recorded by John Legend.

Seek out opportunities to learn.

No matter what areas of our lives we seek personal growth, there are others who have more experience than we do. Seek out opportunities to build upon what you know or to further develop a talent or skill. There are many ways you can do this. Attend a conference, workshop, or webinar. Find a great podcast to listen to on your commute. Or, consider finding a mentor or mastermind group. Others have experience that can help us grow. Take advantage of the resources around you.

Be willing to adapt, change, or grow your vision.

Sometimes we plant a seed of a dream with an expectation of exactly what the fruit should look like. There may be times that we need to be willing to adapt our vision based on feedback or opportunities. With the song writers, they likely felt that there song was “done” when they first performed it. Yet when they collaborated with the experts, they fine-tuned the lyrics or musical arrangements and ended up with a better finished product. Just like a good author needs an editor, we can often benefit when we’re willing to adapt based on feedback. As a result, we can strengthen the impact of our efforts.

Celebrate progress, not arrival.

On the show, there was only one artist who “won” yet, in reality there were four winners in the competition. Each of the artists learned, developed and grew as a result of participating. The collaboration was rich and meaningful. In life, we need to celebrate our progress. Recognize the significance in the hard steps or the little steps that produce growth. Those are victory moments worthy of celebrating. Sometimes you need to queue the confetti cannon and let the momentary achievement be the wind in your sails.

Choose who you collaborate with carefully.

The artists knew the professionals who sat just a few feet away were there to mentor and collaborate. They shared a vision. In life we often encounter people who don’t understand the dream we have or the passion we have for a purpose that we know we’re meant for. Be careful who you choose to share your dream with. Some will discourage you or doubt your vision. Others may distract you or pull you off of your path. Seek out trustworthy likeminded individuals who understand where you’re going. I’ve heard it said “never ask directions from someone who hasn’t been where you going.”

It’s your turn:

Would you have the courage to share something you created with experts the way the artists on the show did? Or, would you be intimidated? When we tap into a growth mindset, we can take calculated risks so that we can increase our impact. Which of these 5 did you need to hear most? Click to comment I’d love to hear from you. And, if you haven’t checked out Songland, check it out and then consider how their experience can inspire you to pursue your own growth.

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Until next time friends, be blessed!

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