A Game, A Garden, and a Big Difference!

Do you remember the game “One of these things is not like the other?” When we were children, it was a catchy song on Sesame Street, designed to cause us to think and play along. If you’re not familiar with it, they’d show three similar objects and one that was different.

This weekend I could have easily played the same game with my zucchini plants. We have three incredibly large zucchini plants in our back yard. And, we have one rather petite plant in a second garden in our side yard. The striking difference in their size made me take notice – the three larger plants were more than five times the size of the other one. I found myself thinking through the differences and the reasons for the different outcomes. Then it hit me – the same factors also greatly impact the harvest of our goals and dreams.

4 Things That Matter in Your Garden and With Your Dreams

Soil matters.

When we tilled the soil of the new garden, we turned nutrients into the soil in preparation for the vegetables. I skipped that step with the old garden space. The incredible difference in size between the plants now has been a powerful illustration that the soil matters. When it comes to our dreams, goals, or calling, are we creating an environment that provides the rich nourishment needed to cultivate success or provide effective growth? Our soil matters. If you’re not experiencing the growth you would like, check your environment. Make changes as necessary so that your dreams reap the benefit.

Daylight matters.

My thriving plants in my new garden are exposed to much longer hours of sunlight than the other plants. They’ve flourished the most. Our dreams and goals given the most light of day do the same. When our hopes remain intentions rather than actions, they’re not given the light of day necessary to bloom. Why not write your goals somewhere that you see them regularly. Or create a vision board to capture your motivation and desired direction. Keeping your goals in the forefront of your mind and making them visible will help encourage decisions that support progress.

Time matters.

We planted one garden first with the other lagging behind a few weeks. It’s no surprise that the one planted first has had a chance to grow and even start to produce way ahead of the other. The sooner we plant our dreams and goals, the sooner they can produce a harvest for us to enjoy. Conversely, the longer we wait, we delay the impact of our actions.

Sowing matters.

You cannot harvest plants that are not placed in your garden. The same is true in life. If you have dreams and goals, you cannot harvest your vision without planting your feet on a path of progress. You never need to take more than one step at a time, but you cannot reap the benefit of your actions if they only remain wishes or intentions. Take the next step. Water your garden and celebrate your growth.

All of these thoughts about my garden have reminded me that it’s time to water my gardens. And, after doing so, I plan to look over notes from an amazing conference that I just attended. I came home equipped to take the next step on a few of my goals. I guess you could say that I’m adding nutrients to my soil and continuing to grow.

How about you? What’s your next step towards your dreams and goals? I’d love to hear from you.

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