Excuses vs Progress

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to find an excuse when you want to do something that feels impossible?  It could be something really big like run a marathon or a 5K, lose weight, organize your closet, clean out your garage, write a blog or take a class. But, that “thing” that’s tucked in the back of your mind feels so intimidating. Despite wanting to make progress it can be easier to grab hold of an excuse rather than dig deep into our resolve.

In the past twelve months I’ve successfully tackled three things that up until now felt completely impossible. I’ve lost 50 pounds, “found” my garage, and I’ve shifted my writing schedule so that I blog twice a week. Each one of them was a virtual mountain before I set out to conquer it. I’ve had years of developing the best excuses that overtime I had come to believe. Until, one by one, I gave up the excuses that kept me stagnant.

The results have surprised me so much so that I had to share a few shocking results that happen when you let go of your excuses.

You “find” time to get it done.

I’ve been amazed how changes that I’d told myself could never happen are possible. That infamous old excuse “I don’t have time” no longer held water. Why? Because I found that when something is a priority, you find the time. We all have 24 hours in a day.  How we choose to spend our time is up to us. When I consistently found small amounts of time in my day to work on my priorities, I made progress. If there’s an area you want effective change or growth, make it a priority, put it on your calendar and find time to get it done.

Momentum builds, habits form.

When I started in each area, the smallest steps took incredible amounts of energy. But as I continued to take new steps, each got progressively easier. Soon the progress came. Before I knew it the changes became habits that were easy to build upon. When you’re working to move forward in an area, don’t be discouraged by the first few difficult steps. Keep going! You will find a rhythm creating forward momentum.

Your results exceed your expectations.

If a year ago you had told me that I really could lose 50lbs this year, I would have wanted to believe you but I wouldn’t have believed you. And, if you would have told me that not only would I find time to blog twice a week, but that in the first month of doing that my reach would pass my web traffic for each month for the last 4 years, I would have laughed. The truth of the matter is, when we follow where God is leading us, when we’re obedient to take the steps, He’s faithful with the results.

It’s your turn

What is that “thing” that deep down you want to do? Or, that idea that God’s placed in your heart but it feels so much bigger than you? What are you waiting for?

Find the time.

Focus on your next steps.

Allow momentum to build.

Form new habits.

Be obedient to take the steps and leave the results up to God.

Celebrate when your results exceed your expectations!

What’s your “thing?” My next seemingly impossible project I’ll be tackling is writing my next book. I’m excited for the challenging journey ahead!

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