It’s been a long few months at my house. A stressful work project has crept beyond the bounds of my workday and has been challenging any semblances of the work-life balance that my job typically allows. But isn’t that how life can be sometimes? It’s mindful juggling of all of our different priorities and responsibilities. Sometimes one area temporarily is out of proportions with the others causing us to feel overwhelmed, stressed or weary.

One thing that I’ve noticed this year is that weary doesn’t care what time of year it. There is no convenient time to feel overwhelmed or exhausted. But, we can choose when we turn the dial and move in a different direction. Last weekend I took a day trip to Rhode Island to pick up some glass for the jewelry that I make. I was amazed how refreshed I felt when I arrived home by late afternoon. My takeaways from that trip might just help you the next time you feel weary.

Four things you can do to conquer weary:

Turn it off.

Turn off the tv, the podcast, or the audible book. Put the chatter that’s filling your mind on mute. There is power in allowing your world to quiet and to just be still. You don’t have to pursue silence, but find a way to quiet the “rush” of the world around you. On my recent road trip, I let music drown out the noisy world around me. I was amazed by how refreshed I was by the time I arrived.


Take time to connect one on one to a family member or friend. Be fully present. Ask what they’re looking forward to in the New Year and what they’re most thankful for from this past year. Share your answers to the same questions, genuinely. Let it be a conversation that goes beyond the equivalent of a social media post. Have a #nofilter moment where you take off the rose-colored glasses or the need to only share your best moments. Instead allow yourself to “be” and connect. On my adventure last weekend, I was able to visit with my cousin. We found a great café and enjoyed letting the world slow down to our pace. If you haven’t had good connect time recently, be sure to put it on your schedule!

Smell the roses.

Take a one step detour off of your busy path to enjoy where you are. You don’t have to go far out of your way to change the scenery or shift your focus. When we choose to “see” what’s around us we slow the hectic pace that’s pushed us to the drum beat of a world moving faster each day. On my trip last weekend I was only a town away from the coast. I decided to take a short drive so that I could walk along the ocean and listen to the waves before heading home. What’s near your path that you could slow down to enjoy? You’ll be amazed by the impact in can have.

Be kind.

Surprise, encourage, or support someone else. In the midst of your weary, do something kind for others. Being kind is good for the heart and the spirit. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and worn out, you’ll be amazed at how doing the unexpected for someone else can be just the buoy you need yourself. Last weekend when I was in Rhode Island I went a short distance out of my way to stop by a restaurant that has a dessert my son loves. Because it’s about two hours away from where we live, we don’t get there often. The joy it brought my son was worth the detour! It’s fun to find ways like that to show people they’re important to you.

It’s your turn.

What do you do to unwind, de-stress, or conquer weary? How do you hit reset? Click to comment, I’d love to hear what you do or which of these resonated with you. During the holidays it can be easy to get swept up by a pace of “doing.’ Don’t forget to exercise good self-care and make sure you’re re-filling and coming up for air.

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Until next time, be blessed!