Whether you’re an avid basketball fan or you’ve never made a bracket in your life, you’ve probably noticed that March Madness is in full swing. It’s the time of year to cheer for underdogs, embrace a Cinderella story or two, or celebrate the consistent excellence of repeat teams. No matter if you’ve been pulled into the hype, can’t stand the game, or are some where in between,  I hope you enjoy these seven tips for personal grown inspired by the game of basketball.

  1. Distractions will try to steel your focus –Keep your eyes focused on your goals because something may try to steal your attention. Have you ever seen the crazy fans waving foolishly underneath the hoop while their opponent attempts a foul shot? Why do they do it? Because it works – distractions cause people to miss their goals! Be focused on your goals and don’t let life’s distractions sway your attention.
  2. Follow through is important– Basketball player’s arm linger in the air long after the ball has taken flight. Why? Follow through on a shot helps propel the ball towards its desired destination. Follow through on your actions does the same for you. What follow up actions do you need to put in your life to help you get to your goals?
  3. Sometimes you miss an opportunity– That dreaded hindsight that haunts us with “what if’s.” Could things have been different if I had taken this opportunity or not missed that one? In basketball, it could be missing an open shot or not seeing a more effective alternative. Don’t focus on what’s past, but assess, learn, and apply what you’ve discovered so the next time you’ll be more prepared.
  4. Sometimes you just need a time out– When the momentum of an opposing team begins build, coach often call a time out. The break in the game provide margin, regrouping, or quiet time which all provide space to regain clarity when our progress stalls. Sometimes the very thing you need to do to make progress is pause, regroup, and then press on.
  5. Assists are important– If you want to grow, make progress, and make a difference along the way, help others. In basketball, assists are tracked as a statistic because working together, equipping your peers makes a difference to the outcome. Be conscious in life that sometimes you aren’t called to make the shot but rather assist someone else make theirs.
  6. Learn from others– Coaches impart value to players the way a good mentor can help you in life. Find an influence in your path who is more experienced or knows more about the areas you’re striving to improve. Accept their equipping insight to support your progress towards reaching your goals.
  7. Underdogs win– Just ask anyone who’s had their March Madness bracket busted by that team they’ve never heard of who is ranked lower than anyone else left in the tournament – underdogs win. In life, you may feel as though there are others more qualified than you, more seasoned than you, don’t let that discourage you rather let it empower you. Show up each and every day in life and make the most of it because while you may feel like an underdog, today’s victory might be yours!

Are you watching March Madness? And what’s your favorite part? I’d have to say mine is definitely cheering for the underdogs.

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