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Hi, I’m Susan. On my blog I share encouragement to survive the jungle of everyday life. I’m a speaker and the author of A Search for Purple Cows, A True Story of Hope.

I believe that we’ve all faced challenges. We’ve all had our share of those days. But, we don’t have to figure this thing called life all out before we allow ourselves to smile, laugh, hope, and really live. When we realize that in life we can be broken but we don’t need to remain broken, we free ourselves to embrace life despite the mess.

Living forward, dreaming big, and pursuing our impact on this world are all possible starting right where we are with what we have. No matter how difficult our struggles are, God is bigger. Why do I believe all that? I’m a survivor of domestic abuse, an alcoholic spouse, infidelity, and open heart surgery – just to name a few ‘highlights.’ Through it all, I’ve found the value of a kind word, a friend’s shoulder and a word of encouragement.

If you could use encouragement for your journey, this is the place for you!

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My memoir, A Search for Purple Cows was published by Guidepost Books. My short story Secondhand Miracle was published in A Cup of Christmas Cheer, Guidepost Books. I’ve written for Guidepost Magazine, Chicken Soup for the Single Parent Soul, Focus on the Family Magazine, and is an online devotion contributor for the Encouragement Café.  I’m a member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. Additionally I’m a member of the Encouragement Café speaking team, and am on staff for both Carol Kent’s Speak Up Conference and Maranatha Christian Writer’s Conference. I welcome the opportunity to speak to audiences across the country, sharing contagious hope for everyday life.


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