Have you ever noticed that we can be our own worst enemy sometimes? We stress, worry, and procrastinate causing us to worry and stress even more. This week I’ve spent time spring cleaning. If my closet could talk, it would be thanking me!  It’s given me a fresh attitude on things we can stop doing and improve our outlook. Sometimes the very key to our progress is to stop doing something.

9 Things to Stop Doing:

1. Stop being afraid to try something new.

Trying something new can be intimidating. But, if you don’t try something new, how will you find your next new favorite thing? This week try a new recipe, start a new book, or put the plans in motion to try that thing you’ve been wanting to try.

2. Stop living in the past.

You made a mistake yesterday, last week or last year. Yet, you still beat yourself up, put yourself down, or hold yourself back because of it. Let it go! Yesterday’s strikeout does not lose today’s game. Keep the past in perspective. Give your energy to today.

3. Stop ignoring small unpleasant tasks.

Even the smallest weight will grow heavy if you hold it long enough. It’s easy to procrastinate on that thing that you just don’t want to do. But do you really want to carry it far longer than necessary? Get it done, cross it off your list, and move on. Give yourself a due date. Write it down. You’d be amazed how much easier it is to get done when you have a due date. And, you’ll be amazed how freeing it is to get it done.

4. Stop allowing other people to determine your happiness.

News flash – people are human! Even the most well intended person will let you down or miss the mark at some point. Do not put the responsibility of happiness on other people. Happiness is an internal choice. The solution to your happiness lies within you and you hold the power to make you happy, or not. Do one thing to make you happier today… put fresh flowers on your table, get a manicure, do a puzzle, read a chapter in a book, write a card to a friend who could use encouragement. Pick something that makes you happy and do it.

5. Stop putting off your appointment.

We’ve all done it. We know we were supposed to have a physical, or go to the dentist, or have one of the many tests they recommend based on your current age. Still we put it off. Truth be told, we all know someone who is alive today because they didn’t wait to be seen. If you are putting off an appointment, stop waiting. Make it happen. Schedule the appointment this week.

6. Stop entertaining negative self-talk.

We are all our own best critic. While it’s ok to reflect to see where we can improve or grow, it’s not ok to use internal tapes to create a prison that holds us back. When negative internal chatter kicks up, counter it with affirmations of where you have already improved or are making progress. Refuse to entertain negative self-talk. Commit to catching your negative thoughts and replace them.

7.  Stop waiting until you feel like it.

Are you waiting for the motivation to do something? Maybe it’s lose weight, clean out your closet or garage, apologize or have that tough conversation. Motivation rarely grabs hold of us and propels us forward. Instead, we need to take the first step in the direction we want to go and then take another. Action fuels motivation while inaction breeds complacency. Decide. Plan your next step and do it. Stop waiting until January first, next month or even Monday.

8. Stop playing the comparison game.

We’ve all heard this one a million times before yet, we’re all susceptible to the pull of comparison. As summer ramps us, resist the urge to compare your vacation with others, or compare your or your children’s achievements to your friends and family. Social media will be abuzz with graduations and vacations. Celebrate with your friends. Do not compare to them. Be inspired and choose to be the best you each day because nothing compares to that!

9. Stop hitting the snooze button.

This one is hard for me too. I’ve heard it said that hitting the snooze button causes you to procrastinate when given your first decision of the day. Ouch. Speaker and author Mel Robbins has admitted in interviews that she used to struggle with getting out of bed. Now when her alarm clock goes off, she counts from 5 down to 1 and gets up. She was inspired by a NASA launch. The next time you’re having a hard time getting out of bed, or acting on a decision, count from 5 down to 1 and do it.

Which of these 9 do you think is the hardest to tackle? Is there one or more you’ll try? Click to comment and join the conversation. I’d love to hear from you. And, if you enjoyed this list, why not share it? Be sure to subscribe below so that you don’t miss a dose of encouragement.

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