Heading home from a weekend away, I pressed “home” on my old school GPS before getting on the road. But, on this particular day, instead of providing me directions, the screen simply displayed “Searching for Satellites.”

I turned down the road and decided I’d trust my gut as I started out. But, a few miles down the road, it started to feel really wrong.  I pulled off the side of the road and pulled up the map app on my phone, and pressed “home” thinking surely it could get us there. Something happened that has never happened before or since, my phone’s GPS told me “can’t find a way there.”

After a momentary panic, (seriously, when does a GPS tell you that there is no way?) I regained my composure and studied the small map on my screen. I was able to determine the next several turns I’d need to make and hoped that by then either my app or GPS would “find” me. Sure enough, they both did! And, thankfully the remainder of the trip was uneventful. The adventure taught me 7 things we can all do when we feel lost:

1. Admit something is off.

Have you ever noticed how loud your gut can be when something doesn’t look right or feel right? That day navigating the unfamiliar roads prompted the same gnawing feeling that I was going in the wrong direction. In life when it feels like something is off, don’t ignore it. In my car that day, I pulled off the road to assess my situation. In life, sometimes we need to “pull over.” Taking a step back can allow us to survey our situation and determine the next course of action.

2. Recognize “lost” is temporary.

The feeling that you aren’t where you want to be can cause anxiety or worry. But, it’s important to remember that life is a journey so where we are is only temporary. We have the ability to influence our direction by the choices we make. Refuse to get stuck in lost mode. Instead remind yourself that this too shall pass. And if you only know the very next step you should take, take that one step. We often identify the next needed step after we’re in motion.

3. Reestablish your destination.

Remind yourself where you are trying to go or where you would like to be. Your desired destination is a vital part of any journey. It’s great to know where you are now but, if you don’t know where you want to be, you won’t know which way to turn when you pull out of your parking lot. Reestablish the direction you’re going so that you can take your next step heading the right way.

4. Check the source of your directions.

As you set you, what’s the source for your directions? For me on the unfamiliar roads, I was a bit turned around. I knew that I couldn’t trust my own sense of direction for my entire way home. When we feel lost, it’s a good time to check how do we know which way to go? What source are we listening to? Validate the source of input that is helping you choose your direction. For me, checking the map on my phone allowed me to gain my bearings until my GPS was able to provide turn by turn instructions. What map are you using? Take time to pray and earnestly listen so that you know you’re following a trustworthy source.

5. Start/restart/continue in the right direction.

If you were going in the wrong direction, make an adjustment, turn around, and take next step. Don’t allow yourself to sit pulled of the road of life feeling lost without taking action. Get support or input where you need it and go. As uncomfortable as the feeling was when my gut told me we were going further away from the route we wanted, to get home, we needed to turn and keep going to get home. Are you at a place in life where you need to turn and keep going?

6. Don’t compare.

Driving down the rural roads, a number of cars were traveling in the same direction I was going when I was lost. We wouldn’t consider using them as a guide for if we were on the right path home but in life too often we’re tempted to do the same. Comparison does not validate that our choices, our direction, or our pace is right or wrong. Other people are not living our life’s journey so comparison will not provide usable feedback to help us get to our own destination. Refuse to let comparison use your resources and distract you. Turn the channel and press on.

7. Keep going!

Pull yourself up by your boot straps and keep going. The best way to reach your goals, your purpose or your destination is to take the next step. Look for positive and constructive feedback and press on. Some parts of our journey take longer than others but, we will get there if we keep going!


It’s your turn

Have you ever realized you were lost while driving too? Ever notice how we wouldn’t consider allowing ourselves to continue to drive lost but we get lulled in to living lost sometimes? Be intentional with life. If you’re off track, use one of these 7 tips to get back going in the right direction. The next time you feel lost, remember there IS a way there from here. (Sharing my screen capture so that you can see how crazy my GPS was that day!)

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Until next time friends, be blessed!