Copyright: sifotography / 123RFStockPhoto

Copyright: sifotography / 123RFStockPhoto

It’s confession time. I goofed. Yup, I’ve missed the mark in a few areas. I won’t say I’ve broken “resolutions”… because I didn’t actually make “resolutions.” What I can say is that I have a few goals or changes that are important to me, but I’m not making the progress I’d hoped for. Better said, my progress is a bit of a dance one step forward and two steps back.

Facebook posts of friends absolutely slaying their goals motivates me, but alone can’t keep me on track. In my head, I’ve got great goals – better physical health, I’d like to get more writing done, and I welcome the opportunity to develop deeper faith. That might all sound great but despite my intentions, I’ve found myself slipping up as of late. I’ve been filling my free time organizing my house, studying Spanish, working on plans for a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, and managing to keep busy with odds and ends. While the things keeping me busy may be all good things, when out of balance, they prevent progress on my other goals. I’ve been reflecting on how to make adjustments and thought I’d share the three questions that I’m using to get back on track:

  • Do I have the resources/knowledge I need? Pause and ask, “Is there something more that I need to know or to have in order to help me succeed?” Have you ever seen the newest next best thing workout dvd on tv and find yourself tempted to get it thinking that will be the thing that finally puts success in your anxious hands? If I’m honest, they tempt me because I’d like a quick fun fix to getting in shape. But for me, because I have what I need already, they are just a distraction. When we’re setting out to make changes or reach our goals, it’s important to assess if we have what we need. If we don’t we need get the right resources. Once we do, we need to ignore the distractions and tap into those resources, or knowledge and keep going towards our goals.
  • Do I need to let go of something or reprioritize? If we’re making the right choices and still not making progress, what needs to give? For example, I’d love to work out at least 5 days a week, but it hasn’t been happening. I have to then ask, what am I willing to give up to make that happen? I know for me to stay on track, I need to give up staying up late so that I can hit the ground running in the morning. The most important priorities need to be filled in the calendar before I wake up so that I’m focusing on the right things.
  • How am I staying accountable? When we slip privately, it’s easy to keep slipping. How do you stay accountable? If you have a goal and you haven’t established accountability with a friend, this might be the very step you’re missing. Tell a friend or family member that you need help staying accountable. Set up check in times either on the phone or online so that you’re sharing your progress.

Asking myself these three questions today, I can say that I do have the resources I need, but I also need to reprioritize and be accountable. I’ve recently started writing with a friend once a week and I’ve been sharing my journey to better health with my sister. I’m learning it’s far better to acknowledge when we’re off track and make changes than to keep going in the wrong direction. And, when we do, don’t waste energy beating ourselves up for making mistakes. Instead use that energy to move forward. After all, your goals await!

I’m regrouping and getting back on track. How about you? And,how do you get back on track when you slip? I’d love to hear from you!

Have a great week!