When Zach Williams reached the chorus of his popular song “Fear is a Liar” the auditorium filled with the hundreds of voices joining in. Many in the audience seemed to sing at the top of their lungs almost as if to proclaim that fear had lied to them too. That powerful moment standing in that music-filled auditorium has stuck with me since that night. As I thought about yesterday, I began to consider other lies that keep us stuck, unhappy, or feeling broken. Maybe you’ve been bit by a few of these lies….

Grass is greener lie.

Watch out for this lie when a shiny new thing tries to lure you. The grass is greener mindset says you’d be happier with that other thing that you don’t have instead of what you do have. It’s toxic thinking because it leads to under appreciating what you already have. Truth is the grass is greenest where you water it. Treat what you have well Do necessary maintenance – whether it’s painting your house or taking your significant other to dinner. Be intentionally grateful for what you have. Sometimes change costs far more than you think and in the end you find isn’t actually greener. To combat this lie, find reasons to be grateful for what you have every day. List out three each night before you go to bed.

The social media #lifeisperfect lie.

Social media will tell you that everyone else is living their flawless dream life, except for you. Studies have found that use of social media can increase depression because we see the gap between the images online in comparison to our own lives. On the outside it appears as though our friends have one big perfect Instagram story from start to finish tagged #nofilter to boot. But, life is far more than what’s captured on social media. Those are just the highlights. Everyday life requires getting messy in the trenches with our families, dealing with challenges at work, and having enough energy to make it to the end of the day. If you’re pursuing a life that looks only like what you see on social media, you’re pursuing the unattainable. Everyone, even the most together people with the best Instagram posts have challenges. You don’t see how many retakes they took to get that one perfect image. And even if someone is in a season of ease, there will be a time when they’re struggling too. It’s part of life. Refuse to believe that what you see online is the whole story because it’s not.

You’re dreams are too big lie.

That dream you have inside, you know the one that you might only have told one other person – it’s your dream waiting to see the light of day. Don’t’ keep it in a box for “one day.” It’s on your heart because it’s part of who you are. You want to start a blog, or a youtube channel, or learn to paint… whatever it is, why not give it room to grow. Every book that has been written was started by someone writing a first sentence down. Everyone who has learned a foreign language started by learning their first phrase. Big dreams can feel intimidating. But, refuse to believe that they’re impossible. A harvest can only grow where seeds have been planted. And, dreams can only be realized when we take a chance and let them grow.

It’s your turn:

Why let go of these lies? Because life is meant to be enjoyed. When we foster a grateful heart, refuse the comparison trap, and pursue our dreams, we might just find life is a bit sweeter. What lies have you seen trip people up? And, what do you do to defeat them? Or, if this post has encouraged you, I’d love to hear from you.


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