I sat across from my dad, parked in a wheel chair in the middle of my parent’s living room. This wasn’t the norm. Until that day he had used a cane or a walker to get around. That day was different. He fought to keep his eyes open, despite wanting to visit. I clicked on my Pandora app to give us a musical backdrop for our time together. Within a few minutes later a familiar refrain began. My dad smiled.

“In the Mood” instantly conjures images of my dad reaching for my mom’s hand. Both glowing, they’d make their way to the dance floor and escape into a world of their own. I’d witness the sweet interaction more times than I can count.

That morning I reached over and took Dad’s hands and began to sway our hands to the music. A smile swept across his face. As the music grew, I took his other hand and swayed with him hand in hand until the music ended. “We danced dad!” I proclaimed. “Yes we did,” he responded in kind. It was a sweet moment that will be forever more etched in my heart. Maybe you could even say, it was the last gift I had the chance to give him. Dad left us just a few days later.

Father’s Day is fast approaching, stirring beautiful memories for me. I’m thankful for the close relationship I had with my dad. But instead of feeling somber this year, I wanted to share a few gift ideas with you in case you’re still looking for ways to celebrate your dad. 

The Story of Dad. Write out a list of memories and ways your dad has impacted you in the shape of the word “Dad.” I used a fine point sharpie on card stock, but you could use any fine point marker on paper. Frame your “Dad” with a frame from your favorite store – Target, CVS or wherever you shop. No artistic talent needed, just an open heart, pen, paper, and frame.

Outstanding Dad Lifetime Achievement Award. Type up your tribute to your Dad identifying his accomplishments as a dad. Print it on certificate paper found at Staples or supply stores. Frame as desired. For this project you’ll just need computer with any program you can add text to, certificate paper, and a frame.

Let Me Count the Ways. List out memories, and lessons learned from your dad. You can make it as fancy or simple as you’d like. I created mine in a small scrapbook album I found at Hobby Lobby. Depending on how fancy you go, you may need a little crafty perspective along with an open heart and memories.

Make the most of your Father’s Day. If your dad is here to spend it with you, it’s a day worth treasuring!

How will you be spending Father’s Day? What’s your favorite gift to your dad? I’d love to hear from you!

PS If you need specifics on how to make any of these, or need ideas for the certificate, contact me.