Hi! Welcome to my website. I’m Susan Call, inspirational speaker and author. You may know me from my faith-filled testimony shared in my memoir A Search for Purple Cows, perhaps we’ve met at an event, or we’re meeting for the first time now.  You’ll find that I enjoy sharing insight I’ve gathered by traveling through life’s challenging valleys –finding hope along the way.

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I’m thrilled to announce that A Search for Purple Cows is now available! I’m excited to be working with Guidepost Books to bring this expanded edition of my debut memoir to a bookstore or website near you.

What’s new?

  • Stop over and visit me on the Encouragement Cafe for my devotional My Impossible Prayer. Hope to “see you” there.
  • Join me at the Lead n Link Conference in Savannah GA, February 27 & 28.
  • Are you a writer, speaker or leader, or want to be? Why not join me in Grand Rapids this July at the Speak Up Conference! I’ll be leading a breakout session on how to take your idea and turn it into a manuscript.
  • I invite you to stop over and visit with Clarice James and me and enjoy my online interview on Clarice’s blog.
  • In late January/early February I’ll be sharing my testimony on the 700 Club. Check back for the air date.
  • Did you catch my new article in the October edition of Guideposts Magazine? If you missed it, it’s available online here.
  • My new short story “Secondhand Miracle” is out in A Cup of Christmas Cheer. You can get your copy at ShopGuideposts.org.
  • Looking for a speaker for your next event? I’m currently booking engagements for 2015.

Other online tidbits:

  • A little while back, I had the opportunity to “chat” with Dr. Ryan Fraser. Join us over on Dr. Fraser’s blog, HeartPoint to read the interview.
  • A Search for Purple Cows is now available on Amazon, CBD.combn.com and from your favorite book retailer.
  • I had the opportunity to speak with Real Life with Beth and Rob and Luann and Stephanie at the Encouragement Cafe. Click on to listen to the archived podcasts.
  • If you missed the preview of my book that was in the October edition of Guideposts Magazine, it’s available online here!
  • Now when you visit my blog and subscribe, you’ll receive a free download of “5 Incredibly Effective Ways to Get More Out of Life” and you’ll receive updates when there are new posts!
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I’m based in New Hampshire and welcome the opportunity to speak to audiences both in the North-East as well as nationally. Scheduling an event? Click on my contact page and touch base to schedule me for your next event.

I’m represented by Diana Flegal at Hartline Literary Agency.

 …with God, all things are possibleMt 19:26 




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5 Effective Tips to Help You Reach Your Goals


Silhouette Of Brid FLying In Front Of Sun At Sunset

Have you ever noticed how the bright sun in the early spring gives everyone a bit of pep in their step?  It’s a great time of year to take a step back, reflect on your goals and recommit to achieving them! These 5 simple tips can help you maximize your effort while improving your success in achieving your goals.

  1. Write down the ‘why’? - You may have heard the statistic – people who write down their goals have an 80% higher success rate. Writing down a goal makes it more concrete. But, you can take that an extra step and write down the why. What’s motivating you to have that goal? Why is it important? Capture the passion that’s behind you wanting your goal. On the days that it’s hard to get going, reread your why and keep going!
  2. Break your bigger goal into smaller milestones. - Programs like Couch to 5K are so successful because they take a big goal, running a 5K, and break the steps into very achievable building blocks. What smaller steps can you break your bigger goal into so that you can make consistent steady progress? Identify a few next steps you can take that move you in the direction of your goal but can be accomplished in the next two weeks.
  3. Make an appointment with yourself. - Schedule time to accomplish your goal. If you’re a morning person, set your alarm clock for 30 minutes early on the days you’ve scheduled. Use that time to work on your progress. If you’re an evening person, block of time later in the day. The important thing is to schedule time in your week as though it were an appointment. The blocks of time you set aside will be stepping stones for your progress.
  4. Reassess, learn, regroup. - Each week or two pause and check your progress. What’s working? What’s not? Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve slipped but rather assess what’s been working, what hasn’t, adapt, adjust, and move forward with the valuable lesson you’ve just learned.
  5. Rinse, wash, and repeat. - When you’ve reached your goal, celebrate, [pray about what’s next, and then begin again. Continue to grow, learn, adapt, and reach for your next goal. The discipline of working on your goals can become second nature.

How do you stay motivated to stay on track with your goals? Are you setting new goals for the spring and summer, or continuing on your resolutions? I’d love to hear what’s working for you!

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